Pontianak, July 17th 2014

Mr/Mrs HRD
Erna Djuliawati Plymill .Ltd
Desa Kayu Tunu Sanggau
At Place

Subject : Job Application
Attachment : 6

With Regards ,
Based on the information I get from the News Paper, PontianakPost regarding job vacancies at the company where Mr/Mrs lead . Through this cover letter I intend to apply for the work to companies that Mr/Mrs lead to fill the position is needed at this time . I, the following :

Name : Muhammad Syahwandi
Place / Date of Birth : Pontianak, March 5th 1996
Gender : Male
Education : SMK – SMTI Negeri Pontianak
Address : Jln.Prof M.Yamin No.504
Phone : 0857-5073-9755

To complete some of the data that is required for consideration of Mr/Ms leader in the future I attach also the completeness of the data itself as follows :

1 . Latest 2×3 Photo.
2 . Electronic copy of ID Pontianak.
3 . Curriculum Vitae.
4 . Copy of diploma – SMTI SMK Negeri Pontianak Chemical Industry Skills Program.
5 . Copy of Certificate of Competency.
6. Copy of Certificate of Job Training.

So I created this application letter with truth and discretion for the attention of Mr/Ms leader I say thank you.


Muhammad Syahwandi